Social Networking

Ways we interact with customers


Schmidt law library-= twitter feed, 700 followers  facebook fan page, 115 friends, blog (unofficiall), 4square, not using flicker but posts on facebook,

McCook  library –  not using anything


Website, and personal FB

Lincoln Public – Blogs, flicker, twitter, facebook, Meebo

goal to increase use

UNL libraries = twitter, fb, website with connections to twitter, fb

Arnold School library = no fb,

Schyler public= wordpress webpage, fb,  flickr,

Main website, fb,

Gering – destiny, each school has front page,

Hay Springs- webpage


Different rules for schools and public

Everyone deals with bureaucracy and rules

Best use is social comments and promotional comments

Who has control and who can post?

Lincoln – 8-10 people share duties, has loose policy, confidentiality, positive perspective, positive spin,

What do you do with negative post?

Leave them and let the community comments even things out

Law library

Scavenger hunt during finals week on twitter

Have to use the resources to locate “prizes”

Mini golf in the library, 9 holes, during the day, next year-have a leader board

url shortener-used in twitter or other posts to link the user back to the library’s resources

sometimes you need to throw out questions to the public to increase social participation,

don’t be afraid to participate in conversations that you weren’t invited to, just join the discussion,

how much time is required to keep us these social media?

unl – spread out twitter to 13 different people, forgot to assign them time to do it,

how do you use twitter?

Likes tags on the tweets

you don’t have to use everything, find the ones that work for you and your patrons, but you have to use something in this time, small system might start with a blog, Nebraska libraries on the web, once a week (content-new books, storytime, comments on what is already on your page, talk about the community, comment back to your commenters,

getting messageto people who are not using the library?

go to other places ,community meetings,

getting the under 18 group?

the technology gap, use the teens as volunteers, teen advisory boards (work well), tell the “cool kids”

public library put survey on school homepage

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